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Announcing the 100th Anniversary of H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc.

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H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

TARRYTOWN, NY – January 2019- H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. is celebrating its 100 year anniversary. The longevity of this company’s success can be attributed to their ability to adapt to the changing environment within the wood products industry.

“Today we really take the time to get to know and understand our customer’s needs,” says Vice President and fourth generation co-owner, Jonathan Arnold, “This coupled with excellent customer service and competitive prices sets us apart from our competition.”

H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. is a well-known name among businesses that purchase items for a variety of their wooden requirements. Their product categories include broom and mop handles, turnings, mouldings, dowels, crates/boxes, shaped and flat parts to name just a few. The thing that really sets them apart is their ability to customize products to suit their customer’s unique needs.

The company is also well known for its custom architectural components. These items include but are not limited to wood balusters, finials, newel posts, spindles, and columns.

About H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc.

Herman Arnold and his son, William, founded the company in 1919 in Brooklyn, NY manufacturing turnings.   Now a full fledge wood products company offering a diverse range of products, the company is led by Herman’s grandson Bruce Arnold and his great-grandson Jonathan.  Other key family members include Melissa Arnold Friedman and Ann Arnold.

Those interested in inquiring about H. Arnold Wood Turning products and services can visit www.arnoldwood.com or contact melissa@arnoldwood.com or call 914-381-0801.

Wood For Displays

Wood is an ideal medium for displays large and small. Wooden racks for magazine display, wooden point of purchase displays, wood baskets and barrels to hold promotional items. Baskets and racks can be small enough to be displayed on table tops or large enough to be freestanding.  Display food, wine and gifts in a wood box or crate. Wood tables are attractive and functional. Wood displays can also be as small as boxes for table tops that hold menus and napkins. You can add your logo to any of these displays through printing or branding. Silk screening, painting and staining are added features. Make your display stand out – personalize it. To see creative examples of wooden displays, click here.

Ash Wood

Ash is a type of hardwood that is actually part of the olive family.  American ash is gray-brown in color and European ash is creamy white to  light brown. Ash is an excellent wood for bending and is used extensively for  furniture parts and products such as bent umbrella handles and bent parts for  boat building. It is an excellent wood for turning objects such as tool  handles, baseball bats, shovel and ax handles because it is very hard and  resilient. It  is also a good dowel wood and is used for poles, bars, broomsticks and ladder rungs. Because it is tasteless, it is also often used to turn wood bowls. It is  also used as the body of acoustic and electric guitars.

Where Can I Buy Wood Dowels?

You’ve come to the right place! We sell a huge variety of sizes – at wholesale prices! Check out our Wood Dowels Page

How Are Wood Dowels Made?

Blocks of wood are fed into the moulder, inside the moulder are knives that form/mold the block of wood into dowels.